Get Salary Slip for All Govt of KPK Employees Online

A great step by the Govt of KPK is to share the monthly salary details as the monthly Payslip is getting more and more appreciation from the Govt employees. In the past, it was a great challenge to get the salary slip from the DDO office the efforts of many days but now via this digital achievement, all the KPK government employees will get the complete details of their monthly salary slip in their registered email address.

Salary Slip for all KPK Govt Employees

KPK Government of Pakistan prepares an Online program from which all Government Employees from any KPK district get their Payslips online after the registration Process. However, there are some rules to get payslips for this. These rules are the following.

  • All Government employees should have to register with a Gmail or Yahoo account/email mailing address.
  • make use of one particular email address for online payslips or old-age pension slips.
  • Almost all Government employees must be registered a single time. People don’t try to register all over again.

Once the KPK Government Employees get started with the registration procedure then they have to follow their data from old pay slips which he/she bring from the accounts office manually. People wait for Payslips first ten days of every month, because a load of payslips mostly takes 10 up to 15 days to process sending payslips via email.
Download Salary slip for All Govt of KPK Employees Online

free Salary slip for All Govt of KPK Employees

Personal Number:

Personal Number is the specific code number that is placed at the top of your salary slip and you can get it from your account office.

CNIC Card Number:

Put the Computerized National Identity CINC Card Number in this box without dashes.

Date of Birth (D/0/B):

Add your date of birth as mentioned in your CNIC and with mm/dd/yy format.

Email Address:

Insert your Gmail/Yahoo email address in this box.

Govt Employee Name:

Type your complete name according to CNIC/ Computerized National Identity.


Insert the Government province you belong i.e. Federal Govt, Punjab Govt, Baluchistan Govt, Sindh Govt, KPK Govt, AJK, or Gilgit Baltistan.

Accounts Office:

Mention the name of your account’s office.

Contact Information:

Type your mobile number in this box.

Last Step:

check both boxes that are seen at the end of the form. Just click/check and at the end just click the “Submit” button and that’s all at your end.

And now the PIFRA Fab’s system will start sharing the digital format of PDF in your email address each month.

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