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PIFRA Online salary slips Registration for Govt Employee

How to Government Employees Registered to get Pay slip via email

Online Pifra Payslip Email Registration Method

The Govt of Pakistan Finance department has a great accessibility for Government employees to get their Monthly salary slips on their email account. There was time when teachers, doctors, officers and junior staff have to count down their account office journey to find their salary slip in a very hard time. The pay rol and salary slips are mostly used to make a bank account for Government Employee.

The PIFRA abbreviation is ” Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing” that is namely explaining the main purpose of the free project service totally online.

And some time it was not possible to get it even after a hard effort. But now time has come that you can get your salary slip with complete detail in your email account on monthly basis. Pifra is the website where all Sarkari Mulazmin (Govt Job Holders) can get register to receive E-salary Slip in email ID. Get Online Payslip All Govt of Punjab Employees in Email

How to Email Register Online Salary Slip Of Government employees:

First of all we need some document to get the detail of the employee. This information is needed to register this whole system. The male and Female staff will be able to get register for the pifra online payroll. The pifra pay and pension  can be download only if you get register on the pifra.gov.pk.

سرکای ملازمین اپنی سیلری سلپ اپنے ای میل پر کیسے حاصل کر سکتے ہیں؟

Information Needed:

  • The Employee Should a member of Govt Department
  • The Employee Personal Number
  • Province
  • New CNIC Number
  • Yahoo or Gmail Email ID  
  • Complete Name Registered on CNIC
  • Pay Scale
  • Mobile Number

After having this information you have to visit this http://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp#  link:

How to Monthly Pay Slips Online For Punjab Govt.

Then you have to insert your province single letter in Govt Code box ie. Instert P for Punjab and F = Federal, N = KP Govt , S = Sindh, B = Balochistan,  DGP = District Govt Pubjab, K = Kashmir . K = Kashmir, GB = Gilgit-Baltistan, GBC = GB Council and  C = Kashmir Council.

The in next box insert your Employee’s Personnel No that can be get from your department accountant or your nearby district account office.

In next box insert you CNIC in given format without dashes (-).

Then select your Date of birth and insert your mobile number that you own. Review the whole form and then press the button.  Here after if you have correct information then you will be prompt to insert your registered Email address. After inserting your Gmail or Yahoo mail address then press next. And If you have done this all then you will get an sms on mobile for the successful signup. It is noted that some people search pefra online registration form instead of the original term Pifra that may be considered while making your account.

And now you have completed the Government Employees (Mulazmeen) Registration to get online Pay slip via email on monthly basis. Get log in on each month to get your salary slip. You will get all your department, bank account, pay allowances, address and other  information on your pay slip file. You may ask related Important Questions & Answers about this online Pifra Salary slip registration Information that can help you to organize your upcoming monthly Payroll in your Gmail Account.

Follow the concerned criteria to signup for Pifra Pay Rol Salary Slip online:

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Pifra Online Salary Slip

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