If you are a Pakistani and own a Driving license, then it is compulsory to have your own DLIMS Driving license that must be verified by the Government of Punjab. And if you want to verify your Punjab Driving License online then this complete article will guide you, on how you can find Verify Now the DLIMS Punjab license verification online in Pakistan. The DLIMS online check Punjab step-by-step guide for drivers. 

This is a very simple method and will give you complete detail of your own driving license check without paying a single penny. Are you looking for DLIMS Driving license verification, the system of Govt of Punjab Pakistan, Then you are in the right place to get information about Dlims Punjab.

We will guide you about DLIMS – Guide to Check Status of Driving License, Punjab driving license check online, and How to Apply for Driving License in Punjab?

DLIMS Punjab

About DLIMS Driving license verification:

First of all, we will discuss what is DLIMS? This is the abbreviation of the Driving License Information Management System launched by the Government of Punjab and managed by PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board). They designed this online driving license verification in Punjab to assist the nation, at home, where they can find out about their driving license.

The DLIMS – Driving License Information Management System is going to help you with DLIMS Driving license verification in easy steps.

This online verification system will help the nation with the issuance, renewal, and up-gradation of your license. DLIMS verifies the process works in the Punjab region. The mechanism of this system is very fast and served cheaply to that nation provided by the state with the aim to provide a soft technology solution for the nation.

As this whole system works under a centralized network, the public will always find the pure and specified service with ease. if you want to DLIMS Punjab gov pk verify then here you be completely guided with steps. 

Most Pakistani drivers are afraid of their driving licenses, as they may be original or fake after a huge payment of making their license. Because most people are caught with fake license makers, they are always worried about their originality. This specific page will ensure easily the complete verification of your driving license which can also be verified by the Traffic Police.

We will cover the Driving license fee, processing dress, the contact information of the regional office where you can get information about your license, and the whole information. The DLIMS tracking license Punjab full guideline is here. 

Online DLIMS Driving License Verification in Punjab Pakistan:

If you got a DLIMS Driving license then it’s very easy to find if you have an original or fake one. Here you can see the process of verification for the DLIMS Verify – Driving License Verification Pakistan. The driving license from Punjab check online is now easy for each licensed driver of Pakistan. 

This is a very simple method. All you have to do is you must have your CNIC number.

Now put your CNIC number in this link. https://dlims.punjab.gov.pk/verify/

You must put your CNIC without “-” dashes. And only press verify. When you Put your CNIC number, you will get information like this. 

dlims User Photos

User Information

  • CNIC:3310500000000
  • Father/Husband Name: MUHAMMAD HHHHHH
  • City: LAHORE

License Information

  • License Number:2011/00013 (REGULAR)
  • Issue Date:2015-11-15
  • Valid From:2015-11-15
  • Valid To:2024-12-28
  • Allowed Vehicles: LTV, HTV
  • Status: Valid

That’s all, and moreover, you will get the driver’s pictures in complete detail. 

DLIMS tracking Procedure:

How can you verify your Driving License (DLIMS) Status Online via the official State Transport website? The DLIMS tracking procedure/method is below.

If you’ve applied in the past for an updated license with the Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) Punjab then you can track the distribution of your new license online through the DLIMS’s official site. DLIMS Punjab.

You can track the delivery of your driving license simply by following the steps listed in following steps:

  • Visit the Track License Delivery portal on the DLIMS Punjab website
  • Enter CNIC ID
  • and click on Track.

When you click on a DLIMS tracking, the details about the transfer of the license are sent to you. Many people believe that they could locate the exact location of their driver’s license, however, it’s not feasible for DLIMS tracking Procedures online.


Type of Driving License Verified by DLIMS: –

Motorcar /Jeep:

This kind of driving license is used for noncommercial vehicles like cars, jeeps, and carry Dabba.

Motor Cycle /Rickshaw:

This kind of DLIMS Driving license is valid for Motor Cycle and mini Rickshaws. The license holders cannot use it to drive a car.

Tractor Agriculture:

The Tractor Agriculture driving license is valid for the only Tractor used in agriculture fields.


LTV is an abbreviated Light transport vehicle that is the driving license used for commercial car-taxi, motorbikes, jeeps, Minibus, and lightweight transportation.


HTV is known as a heavy transport vehicle that is valid for buses, trucks, trailers, winches, Crain’s, and any category of heavy transportation.


PSV or Public Service Vehicle is valid for commercial use and upgraded after the HTV license. DLIMS is verified online by dlims.punjab.gov.pk.

You can verify all the above-mentioned categories in this online DLIMS Driving license verification system by the Government of Punjab. 

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