Prize bond Live Draw Result Kohenoor TV Check online

prize bond draw results onlineYou can watch Prize Bond Live Draw Result Kohenoor TV Check online to see the winner’s lucky number. According to the Prize bond schedule, each buyer wants to get the result of holding a prize bond at the first instance but that totally matters in the National savings balloting that is held in different cities of Pakistan, and It’s impossible to get the live result of each draw. But Kohenoor TV live is the only channel that offers the live draw result of each draw, so you can see Kohenoor TV live prize bond draw by National Savings of Pakistan online.

The Kohinoor channel covers a Prizebondlive draw balloting process that starts at 9:00 am and the process ends at about 5:00 pm it’s impossible to provide a whole balloting list for views. So on Kohenoor TV, you can see the first and Second winners lists, and the third winning list is fully updated on So we try our best to provide each draw update for you. You can get all prize bond lucky draw live balloting results on Kohenoor TV on the draw date at 9 a.m.

Kohenoor TV live Prize Bond Draw Results

Get Kohenoor TV live Prize Bond Draw Results

About Kohenoor TV live:

Koh e Noor News Pakistan is a Satellite News Channel, which publishes with great responsibility. Koh e Noor believes in the reporting philosophy in a responsible manner, Kohe Noor News does not have any personal, political, or hidden agenda while keeping moral values in mind. In the neutral interpretation of the current issues, Kohenoor News Live is a part of the neutral interpretation of present affairs.

No other news rating is neither part of the blind race nor is it necessary to back the moral values in this race of journalism. Progressive funeral on social, social interim issues and expansion programs. People with programs on public issues. The Prizebondlive Kohenoor TV result is authentic information for the first and Second-category winners.

Koh Noor News is working on the initial activities of modern journalism. The Website offers a beautiful interface for users. The TV is a modern attractive and delicious zebra style for consumers around the world. The latest news and news can be seen directly, while former programs and news can be viewed at any time on the website. Citizen Websites and Social Media can be included by the Prophets and key aspects of technology. So keep watching Prize Bond Live Draw Result on Kohenoor TV Live Check online for the updated lucky winners of each draw.

Rs, 750 Prize Bond List 15 April 2024

Prize bond750
Draw Date15 April 2024
1st Prize Winner900286
st Prize Winner314256 197462 134617
Full List DownloadRs. 750 Prize bond list Draw #98 Result, 15 April, 2024 Hyderabad

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