Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024

prize bond draw schedule

The Complete Prize bond Draw Schedule 2024 Pakistan is in progress and is the latest schedule for the year 2024. The Prize bond Schedule is now updated completely. The prize bond included in this schedule is 100, 200, 7500, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, and Premium 40000 prize bond draw schedule for the whole year 2024, January to December. In this article, you can download Prize Bond Schedule 2024 Pakistan with complete details of the new premium bond and all other denominations.

Complete National saving Prize bond Draw Schedule 2024

The list for next year is uploaded a month ago from the start of the year. The draw number, dates with day, and venue are mentioned on the prize bond draw schedule. There are 4 lucky draws for each prize year in a year, and some month has four draws, some have two draws, and some have three. The draw is scheduled each after 15 days. But Sunday weekend is not included, and no draw is held on this day. Next year, the Prize bond Draw Schedule will be updated on this page with all draw lists and city and complete information to download. The latest Prize Bond Schedule 2024 is to be announced in December 2024.

To find Prize bond Draw Schedule 2024, you must know what a Prize bond is. The reason to find them every year schedule before the year needed to be settled so we can manage the next expected draw. The favorite draw is 200, 750, and 1500 prize bond owned by mostly medium-range folks all over the country. They buy some bonds for the month and even year and store that luck may arouse from some of them, and I saw someone had gotten a reasonable amount from these worthy papers.

The guess papers are only a waste of time and only the minds of many people sitting leisurely on tables and chairs. They only see random figures and find the best suit that was not drawn and suggested to many colleagues having an interest in buying and storing the money in the shape of the Prize bond. The schedule of these papers will give you only the time to set the money on how to manage your budget.

Find your prize bond schedule for 2024-25 below.

Table for National Saving Prize bond Schedule 2024 Pakistan

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The next year’s 2024 prize bond schedule will be uploaded in December 2024. You are waiting. Keep giving us feedback to find the best way to use bond result for your financial management in the shape of prize bonds. You can find all the Prize bond Draw schedules for next year on this page. The prize bond schedule will give you the right way to buy and sell your worthy papers at the time, and you will be able to set your money in purchasing the right denomination at the right date and time.

Rs 25000 prize bond schedule 2024:

The 25000 prize bond schedule 2024 is not included in this official gazette, as the Govt of Pakistan has decided to discontinue this denomination. After a few months, this 25000 prize bond will be added to the premium 25000 prize bond, which will be only sold on the CNIC via registered banks.

Prize bond Schedule Draw Schedule 2024-25:

You can save this Prize bond Draw Schedule for 2024 in a Jpeg format. Click on the above image and save the image to your mobile or desktop for further draw dates online. The Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 and other information are updated according to the National Savings updates. The Prize bond Schedule 2024 is coming in a few days on this page.

Sr.Prize BondDraw No.CityDraw Date
1Rs. 75097SIALKOT15 January 2024
2Rs. 10045PESHAWAR15 February 2024
3Rs. 150097LAHORE15 February 2024
4Rs. 2500013KARACHIMarch 11, 2024
5Rs. 4000028FAISALABADMarch 11, 2024
6Rs. 20097MUZAFFARABADMarch 15, 2024
7Rs. 75098HYDERABADApril 15, 2024
8Rs. 10046LAHOREMay 15, 2024
9Rs. 150098KARACHIMay 15, 2024
10Rs. 2500014PESHAWAR10 June 2024
elevenRs. 4000029MULTAN10 June 2024
12Rs. 20098RAWALPINDI17 June 2024
13Rs. 75099QUETTA15 July 2024
14Rs. 10047KARACHI15 August 2024
15Rs. 150099MULTAN15 August 2024
16Rs. 2500015HYDERABAD10 September 2024
17Rs. 40000thirtyLAHORE10 September 2024
18Rs. 20099PESHAWAR16 September 2024
19Rs. 750100FAISALABAD15 October 2024
20Rs. 10048MULTANNovember 15, 2024
21Rs. 1500100RAWALPINDINovember 15, 2024
22Rs. 2500016QUETTADecember 10, 2024
23Rs. 4000031MUZAFFARABADDecember 10, 2024
24Rs. 200100SIALKOTDecember 16, 2024
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