MEA Visit Report online by July 2024

MEA Real-time Monitoring of Public Schools Across Punjab

What is MEA Visit Report?

Monitoring and Evolution Authority (MEA) is a program that counts the visits of Punjab Government Schools every month online with the real-time report of all districts by With MEA you can submit MEA Visit Report July 2024 for visited schools in Punjab Pakistan. On the other hand, you can search MEA early submitted reports of your school that you submitted results online. You have to simply insert the EMIS Code of the school to check MEA school reports.

Main features of MEA Visit Report:

The School Education Department has launched the Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU), which comprise the control of 1100 plus field officer that checks their schools, submit the pmiu monthly report in the online dashboard, and can retrieve the data anytime.

All field officers are directed to visit all schools each month without any restriction. The field officers will find the following things during their visits to schools.

  • Students Roll cal
  • Teachers presence
  • Facilities/Utility available

The main features of MEA Visit Reports (pmiu.pitb)are that it is a real-time reporting system and the user will also submit the captured images with GPS location in the dashboard to confirm that the visit is real and the reporting is genuine,

The visit officers will also get the SMS alert of their visit on their mobile to see what he has submitted in their reports and how much he is ranked.

Usage of Monitoring and Evolution Authority:

This MEA program is designed to consolidate information with ease and waste precious time. This program makes it possible to implement checking schools with clear and transparent visits by officials. By using the system the field officers will be liable to account for one’s actions and answer the main requirement that the administration demands. Moreover, the MEA Schools Visit Report will be useful for employee withholding and the development of the school departments.

This monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system Program is a project of the Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU) that is specially designed for the management of the school education department, which works to manage the field officers that visit the school, by taking their monthly visits to their area schools with time, date, location, school name, and the pictorial data.

PMIU has handled the school visit verification by taking its monthly data and providing its consolidated reports online for the managers and users. You can search MEA Visit Report online for the whole data on the website

You can get the whole consolidated data on website. Here you can see the real-time information of all 36 districts’ school visits data.

Check LND result by PMIU:

If you want to check Action Taken on Monitoring Observations (Check LND result) you have to log in to the link ( and you can login with your username and password to see your visit report and any action taken reported by you. The online pmiu pitb gov pk reports and Emis code, dashboard login, and PMIU complete pmiu school monitoring report can be downloaded here.

The system is so transparent that one can check the old photos and records of the visit and the reporting of a specific school by the field officers. So the Department of Education will get the high goals that the system demands. The MEA visit report by EMIS code can be seen on the official website below. Download MEA visit report for the year 2024 for School Teachers.

MEA visit report method

The MEA Visit Report System Real-Time Reporting through

This system allows field officers to conduct surprise visits to government schools in Punjab, Pakistan, to evaluate their performance and progress. Utilizing SIM-enabled tablets, over 1.3 million visits have been made to collect data on teachers’ presence, students’ activities, and facility availability.

The MEA Visit Report includes an instantaneous reporting system where field officers can submit photos with GPS locations, ensuring authenticity. The MEA Visit Report app enables parents and community members to track a school’s progress, identify areas for improvement, and hold schools accountable. The website allows users to check the MEA Visit Report online July 2024 by entering the school’s EMIS code, month, and year of the visit.

This online system is convenient, secure, and accurate. The website also includes FAQs, providing details about the purpose of the report, how to access it, and what the field officers observe during their visits, emphasizing the report’s uniqueness with real-time reporting.

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