HEC Law GAT 2024 Registration Now Open Online

HEC announces LAW-GAT for LLB Graduates Registration

HEC Law GAT 2024 Overview

The Law Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) 2024, conducted by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, is a mandatory examination for LLB graduates seeking admission to the Bar Council. The test assesses candidates’ knowledge in various legal domains, ensuring they meet the standards set by the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC).

Eligibility Criteria for Law GAT 2024

To be eligible for the Law GAT 2024, candidates must:

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) from HEC and PBC-recognized universities.
  • Ensure their LLB final year results are declared before applying.

Registration Process for Law GAT 2024

Candidates can register online through the HEC Portal. The process includes:

  • Completing the profile on the HEC website.
  • Depositing the PKR 3000 registration fee via 1Link 1Bill.
  • Verifying the payment on the ETC dashboard.

Law GAT 2024 Test Format and Syllabus

The test format comprises multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering areas like Constitution, Jurisprudence, Civil Law, and Criminal Law. The syllabus will be available for download from the HEC website.

HEC Law GAT 2024 Registration Now Open

Preparation Tips for HEC Law GAT 2024

To prepare effectively:

  • Utilize official HEC resources and study guides.
  • Practice past papers and sample MCQs.
  • Focus on core legal concepts and terminologies.

Test Centers for Law GAT 2024

The test will be conducted in various cities across Pakistan, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Quetta, among others. Candidates can choose their preferred test center during registration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Common questions include:

  • What is the passing score? (50%)
  • How often is the test offered? (Three times a year)
  • How can I prepare for the test? (Use official resources and practice MCQs)

Important Dates and Deadlines for Law GAT 2024

Key dates to remember:

  • Registration Deadline: March 12, 2024
  • Test Date: March 31, 2024
  • Syllabus Availability: February 2024

How to Succeed in HEC Law GAT 2024

Success tips include:

  • Understand the test format and syllabus thoroughly.
  • Develop a study plan and allocate sufficient time for each topic.
  • Practice regularly and seek clarification for any doubts.

Contact Information and Helpline

For further assistance, candidates can contact the HEC helpline at 051-9207742 or visit the official HEC website for more details.

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