Tuesday , October 26 2021

Govt of Sindh Pay slip for employees via Email Online

Right here is an online payslip for Sindh govt employees method to download all month Payslip in your Email Address. Employees are recommended to sign-up/register now so all Government of Sindh employees can quickly access personal online Payslip in your inbox. This method is working for many previous months and the salary slip is easily emailed to your Gmail address. Get AG sindh pay slip& Pension Slip VIA Email

With the Following method, all employees of Sind Govt can receive AG Sindh pay slip online here. Kindly see how to enroll your very own salary slip account here and you will be subscribing to your Sindh education, Police, Wapda, rescue, health department payslip to your registered email address. The Sindh finance department www.agsindh.gov.pk website is sharing all information to PIFRA to create and share the Sindh AG office online salary slips.

AG Pay slip for Govt of Sindh employees Online

Accountant General Sindh Salary Pay Slips

Here employees of Sind Govt can uncover AG Sindh pay slip online on link https://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp.

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