Prize bond 40000 List 2019

Here you can download and save offline National savings of Pakistan Prize bond 40000 List 2019 & all Lucky Draw lists results from 2019 by online. Here on this page, you can download all 7 years past draw results of Rs.40000 Prize bond, Latest Rs. 40000 Prize bond draw 2019 and the upcoming draws of the recent year with complete date and city to hold in.

The forty thousand prize bond by National Savings of Pakistan is the highest cost prize bond having a lot of money-saving format along with a high return to your investment in first, second and third prize category.

Mostly rich and elite class people try to invest in these big money-saving bonds to get real money by investing in certificate bonds.

This page named “Prize bond 40000 List 2019 ” is for our fans looking for the recent draw results of the aforesaid prize bond denomination and the previous draws till to date found on National savings of Pakistan’s official website with complete winning lucky numbers and amount of prizes they will get.

The big game show is held year years 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th Months (March, June, September, and December’s first date) and each draw distance is only three months from the previous draw. The draw is held in different cities announced in the Prize bond schedule by and the date may be changed if the public holiday or unfair circumstance for the draw to complete these messages is published in the media if something happens.

The complete 40000 Prize bond scheme is very good for all the investors so most try to put their savings in this game because the first prize amount of this draw is Rs. 75,000,000/- (Seven Crore Rupee or 750 Million PKR) and is for solely one lucky winner in the game and each one is interested in the prize, I too. The 2nd Prize-winning amount is Rs.25,000,000/- (Two Crore Fifty Lac or 250 Million PKR) and this inaam is for three lucky winners of each game.

And the third winning number prize amount is Rs.500,000/- (Five Lac for 0.5 Million PKR) that have 1696 prizes and mostly winners struck in this amount. The first and second winning is hard but is patience and hope for the best from Allah. On this page, you can download All Prize bond 40000 List results 2019 for the recent draws and previous draw that are listed below with the date and city where the draw was held. So search your winning digit from the following draws.

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