Prize bond list 7500 Draw Result Check online

Check online Prize bond list 7500, by the Central Directorate of National Savings of Pakistan. Search 7500 Prize bond List the latest draw and previous draws on this page. You can view the complete 7500 prize bond list and Past draws here.

Prize bond list 7500 2023 prize amounts:

1st Prize amount

2nd Prize amount

3rd Prize amount

Rs. 15,000,000/- (1 prize)

Rs.5,000,000/- (03 Prizes)

Rs.93,000/- (1696 Prizes)

Prize bond list 7500 online checks & Download

Here you can download and save offline National Savings of Pakistan Prize bond 7500 List 2023 & all Lucky Draw List results 2023 by online. You are to download prize bond list 7500 2023 current draws of the year and previous draws that can be withdrawn to date. The time of winning lucky number withdraw from SBP is 6 years and you can search from the list where your number is and if you fall in the previous 6 years year to tenure. The Rs.7500 Prize bond is a unique bond having a lot of security features that impart good security for its recheck. The people of Pakistan ever try to invest in these kinds of prize bond schemes.

This is a medium-range prize bond and has very good prices as compared to its low and high-cost prize bonds. The first prize of Rs. 7500 prize bond draw is Rs. 15,000,000/- (1 Crore & fifty Lac or 15 Million PKR) which is for only one lucky winner of the whole draw serials. The 2nd prize amount is Rs.5,000,000/- (Fifty Lac Rupee or 05 Million PKR) which will be given to three lucky winners in a single draw. And the third prize amount of the Seventy-Five Hundred Prize bond is OF RS.93,000/- (Ninety Three Thousand rupee) that have 1696 prizes for the investors of National savings certificates. So keep buying and get Prize bond 7500 List results free money in the easy investment.

Rs.7500 prize bond list Full Download:

You can download 7500 prize bond list with all winning lucky numbers here. The chance of this bond winning is more the 15000, 25000, and 40000 as this cost is low and prizes are enough high to mention comparative bonds. The page Prize bond 7500 List results is to share all draws of the current year and previous years’ draws on a single page. The draws are sorted yearly and then 1 to 4 draw serial numbers in each year. You can find any draw easily and get a search with the help of a browser search by pressing ctrl+F and finding your winning digits. Now you can look into your related draw and find the Rs.7500 Prize bond list and previous draws here.

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