FABS CGA Pakistan (Financial Accounting & Budgeting System)

FABS is the most organized SAP public sector implementation of an incorporated MIS (Management information system) in the world that offers digital financing facilities for the nation. FABS basically facilitate the budgets and financial reports at the federal, provincial, and district level for the sake of the Government of Pakistan.

They organize Monthly Govt Employee salaries, GP Fund payments, and the pensions of nearly public sector employees. They also organize the thousands of daily detailed payments and receipts of Government related transactions that are processed very speedily and offered in digital format on the FABS website (www.fabs.gov.pk). FABS CGA Pakistan Get Financial Accounting & Budgeting System (FABS) www.fabs.gov.pk updatesThe MIS/FABS office of the DG is working under the General of Accounts (CGA) Controller of Pakistan, which is organizing the smooth functioning of the SAP-based Financial Accounting & Budgeting System(FABS) all over Pakistan. The whole system is an Integrated Financial Management Information System(IFMIS) if fully operated at government offices at federal, provincial, and all provincial districts at their own end with a centralized management body of FABS.

FABS’ best online system is started by the Government of Pakistan with the help of the World Bank-funded Project to Improve Financial Reporting & Auditing (PIFRA). PIFRA was implemented at federal, provincial, and district levels of the government in 3 major phases between 1996 to the year 2014.

The real reason of FABS involves the New Accounting Model (NAM), and an SAP-ERP-based Information Technology stage the enhance the security and technology for providing the best services to the Nation.  The latest online Accounting Model (NAM) was presented in the year 2000, through endorsement by the Auditor General of Pakistan, to enhance the conventional government bookkeeping framework by getting a move towards altered money premise of bookkeeping, twofold passage accounting, duty bookkeeping, settled resource bookkeeping and another multi-dimensional Chart of Accounts.

The basic function of FABS was to help create opportune, pertinent, precise, solid, and extensive money-related reports for the chiefs to empower viable responsibility and better monetary administration. Targets of FABS incorporate powerful budgetary administration, money-related to control, money estimating, drift investigations, financial organization, and obligation administration. The new SAP-ERP-based framework is being kept running at more than 500 destinations the nation over at the government, common, and area levels.

They incorporate self-bookkeeping elements like the Pakistan Public Works Department, Pakistan Mint, the Geological Survey of Pakistan, and the Directorate of Postal Accounts. The District Accounts Offices (DAO) and other region-level workplaces, and common line offices are connected through Wide Area Network(WAN) to servers at the Accountant General office and the Finance Department of the particular region.

Every single commonplace server is connected through WAN to the government server lying at the workplace of the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) in Islamabad, in this manner making a creaseless and incorporated framework fit for giving constant data on monetary exchanges occurring on the framework the nation over at national and sub-national level.

Moreover to other things, the FABS is being utilized to process (a) regularly scheduled payments of more than 2.5 million government workers at elected, commonplace, and area levels (b) month-to-month benefits of more than 0.5 million government representatives (c) General Provident Fund installments of government representatives (d) a large number of installment cases of government divisions the nation over every day (e) month to month and yearly records of elected, commonplace and locale governments (f) spending plans of elected and commonplace governments.

New administrations are being started which expect to use the framework for giving valuable data to chiefs in the legislature through dashboard reports. Level extension of the framework is additionally being attempted through interfaces with applicable government elements to catch exhaustive data identified with receipts, uses, residential obligation, and outer obligation exchanges of the legislature. You can get more information about FABs Pakistani on the official website www.fabs.gov.pk of FABS online.

Major Services Provided by FABS Pakistan

  • FABS PIFRA Online Salary Slip

  • FABS Bill Tracking System

  • FABS Bills Summary Report

  • FABS Budget Execution Report

  • FABS GoP Dashboards

  • FABS Vendor Information

  • FABS DDO Reconciliation Statement

  • FABS Heat Maps

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