WTO Eliminate Agricultural Subsidies For Developed Countries

Islamabad (Tuesday, December 22, 2015): WTO Eliminate Agricultural Subsidies For Developed Countries. Federal Minister Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan said that the WTO agricultural export subsidies by the developed countries to eliminate agricultural export subsidies.

Agriculture subsidies: Pakistan objects at WTO meet-up free duty

while Pakistan ‘s efforts in developing countries has been limited to Pakistan farmers to compete in the global commercial markets will have the opportunity to compete with , the WTO Pakistan successfully defended its interests and to achieve all the goals in the meeting . Federal Minister expressed these views Tenth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization, the representative of Pakistan made a statement on the return.

WTO Eliminated Agricultural Subsidies For High Developed Countries 

The minister said that the WTO by developing countries to limit agricultural export subsidies because Pakistan is a big achievement that few large developing countries to subsidize their own interests against the spirit of the rules to use began , the countries buying agricultural commodities stock on the domestic agricultural protection , and later through the export subsidies , Small economy like Pakistan that poor farmers are suffering , speaking of Pakistan to the WTO that the large developing countries will be able to take action.

major developing countries on the level of stocks was government subsidies to agricultural commodities T OK to export the agricultural agreement , which seeks to amend the Pakistan opposed and thwarted him with the help of like-minded countries .

The minister said that the WTO developed countries such as Australia , Canada , European Union , Iceland , Israel , New Zealand , Norway , Switzerland and the US export subsidies to be completely abolished subsidies while developing countries including the right to Uruguay , Argentina , Brazil , Colombia , Cyprus , Indonesia , Mexico , Panama , South Africa and Turkey partly export subsidies will be eliminated by 2018 .

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