World’s Free Trade zone agreement concluded

Atlanta (2015-10-06): The World’s Free Trade zone agreement concluded this week. World’s Largest free Trade zone to Monday contract signed global economy, 40 percent will contain, America, Japan, Australia and Bahr-e-Oqyanoos Atlantic Ocean region 12 between the 5-day continuous negotiations, the Trans-Pacific Partnership The agreement was unanimous. Free Trade Agreements - International Trade Administration

The purpose of the Trade and Investment in the 21st century is to set high standards. US Trade Representative Michael Foreman said in a press conference after the agreement of 5 years after the great dialogue we have reached an agreement to create jobs, sustainable growth and inclusive as possible and will promote innovation in the Asia-Pacific region.

US President Obama’s agreement to welcome the our 95 percent market beyond our borders remain if countries like China and the global economy, rules of writing can not, engaged their workers and protect the environment for the high standards set These rule written and will open new markets for American products.

He said his contribution to the country by the US products were planted on 18 thousand tax will be eliminated, the contract in Canada, the United States japans markets open will be the same cutting engine biological drugs to setting standards, including the controversial patent Vietnam, Mexico and Malaysia, demand has been improving labour law suites.

 The application of the agreement before it must sign and ratify the relevant countries. In this contribution the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Mexico included.

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