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Will Chinese Investment in Pakistan will strengthen the economy

Lahore (April 23, 2015): Will Chinese Investment in Pakistan will strengthen the economy. Pakistan President Hu’s visit will be helpful in bringing to light the lime, Chinese investment will strengthen Pakistan’s economy, transparency and honesty with the work on these projects will not get the results they were not good result.

Chinese Investment in Pakistan

Pakistan president visits azhar” these views, , diplomatic, military, economic and political analysts kya.sabq diplomat Javed Hussain said Pakistan-China Economic Corridor quite good would have benefited from China in the development of the backward areas will be 46 billion dollars in Chinese investments and economic growth will strengthen Pakistan in the next 10 years.

China seeks peace with neighboring countries. We should also improve relations with neighboring countries to reduce defense spending. Agrayran Gwadar port is not in favor of the latter is not ready to give 100 MW.

Defense analyst Brig (retd) Syed Ghazanfar Ali Khan are growing defense ties with China and Pakistan, India Consulate in Afghanistan against Pakistan while still working in Balochistan agency, RAW huge hand If, in the case of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, to some extent we must follow. US and Pakistan fought 13 years together against terrorism but only 5 billion US dollars of investment.

Chinese president to visit Pakistan and regional player in the lime light to be helpful, projects must be transparent. Department of Economics, University of the Punjab chief daktrhfyz Rehman said Pakistan was such a big investment, so we should take advantage of it.

Some political parties opposing political economic corridor project has begun, we should adopt a regional rather than national approach, analysts said Pak-China friendship daktraajaz bit is based on bilateral relations and the two countries together for a long time to come help out, Zarb is also reassure Pakistan of China, so we have to improve the security situation, the project of the Alliance India and Iran because Iran does not want dangerous than Chabahar port The person who is better Gwadar port can join the Alliance in the United States.

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