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Upcoming Draw of 7500 & 25000 Prize bond will be on 02nd May 2019

The Rs. 7500 and 25000 prize bonds’ latest draws are coming in this month of May 2019 on Thursday. Have you bought any of these denominations as an investment? I think these are the middle range of prize bonds and my favorite saving certificates. Draw of 7500 & 25000 Prize bond will be on 02nd May 2019


The Rs. 7500 & 25000 Prize bond draw will be held on 02nd May 2019 in Hyderabad & Karachi city respectively.

پچھتر ہزار اور 25 ہزار والے پرائز بانڈ کی قراندازی حیدرآباد اور کراچی شہر میں ہو رہی ہے۔  ڈرا کی تاریخ 2 مئی 2019 ہے۔ اپسرا کی مکمل لسٹ اس پیج پر ڈاؤن لوڈ کرسکتے ہیں

According to media spoken person of national savings of Pakistan, the first prize of 25000 prize bond is 5 crore rupees. But the first prize will be given to only one person in which is lucky I don’t know?. The second prize amount of these bonds is 25000000 rupees. The third prize amount is 312000 rupees that will be given to 1696 lucky winners.

And on the other hand, 7500 prize bond is also a good denomination regarding winning amounts but the prizes are lower than 25000 price bonds. The first price of the 7500 prize bond is 1.5 crore rupees and the second prize amount is 50 lakh rupees that will be given to 3 lucky winners. And the third prize amount is 93000 rupees, that is the biggest amount for me and also for you, Am I right?. I am sure that you may be purchased some of the bonds, but only lucky people will be given the prizes from the first and second category but if I win the 3rd prize that is also very good amount.

Both prize bonds are very famous in Pakistan for investment purposes. You can buy these denominations from any of the dealers from nearby shops some extra costs of about 150 to 500 rupees. This investment is safe for you and you may have the chance to be rich in a day. I like to buy bonds, and the reason behind investing in these certificates is that can save our money and the government policy of controlling inflation will also be assured.

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