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University Of Lahore UOL Islamabad Campus Admission 2022 Apply Online

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For programs in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Pharmacy, Management Sciences, and Allied Health Sciences at the University of Lahore Islamabad Campus, applications are invited. The Bachelor’s Degree program is open to students who have completed their secondary education or its equivalent. Students must pass the UOL Entrance Test or an interview to be considered for any offered courses.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Management Sciences, and IT & Computer Sciences will be housed at the Islamabad Campus. The faculty of Management Sciences and IT & Computer Sciences will continue to operate from the Blue Area Islamabad campus, despite the fact that the Engineering and Pharmacy faculties have been relocated to the New Campus. The completely completed and reliable New Campus is now available.

Before filling out the Admission Form, applicants should read the criteria carefully to avoid overwriting. A female hostel is available at the UOL. To get information about the University of Lahore Islamabad Campus Admission 2022 Last Date, apply online, admission tips, and more, go to their website.

University of Lahore UOL Islamabad Campus Admission Criteria

The Admission Criteria in UOL Lahore Campus for bachelor’s degree programs are given below. University of Lahore Islamabad Campus Admission Procedure checks online here. The admission procedure is based on merit in the entry test, past academic records, and national/provincial quota. The annual tuition fee will be shown separately during the admissions process. All students who have got their results now can apply online with a bank challan form or pay their fees by visiting UOL main branch at Main Market Sialkot Cantt 44000 Pakistan.

updates on the UOL Islamabad Campus admission procedure and Academic Calendar 2022 for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Admission to the Morning/Evening Spring/Fall session, online registration, fee structure, eligibility requirements, merit list, entry test, prospectus, Entry Test schedule, scholarship opportunities, and faculty ranking lists.

Refunds are provided only in the rarest of circumstances, and they’re typically requested for academic reasons. In most cases, however, a refund is not required. If you have been denied a typical J-1 visa, don’t worry; we can still help! You just have to fill out our form once more to receive your money back.

UOL Islamabad Prospectus 2022:

In 1998, the University of Lahore Islamabad Campus was founded. UOL Islamabad is a private sector institution that is the mother campus of the University of Lahore (UOL).

The Higher Education Commission HEC has designated the University of Lahore as a “W4”-grade university, which means it meets all requirements for an International Quality University and is reserved for institutions that meet all criteria for such a university. The deadline for applying has been announced in the advertisement.

Please submit your Admission Form before the admission closing date to avoid any inconvenience. Applicants with O-Level, A-Level, or equivalent qualifications are required to submit their IBCC Equivalence Certificate to verify their eligibility under the admission policy.

UOL Islamabad Campus Merit List 2022:

All interested candidates can download the online admission form, fee structure, and advertisement from this page easily given below. The entry test merit lists and waiting lists are displayed simultaneously in premises UOL Islamabad.

The lists are also available on the internet. The successful candidates of the entry test are expected to submit their admission fee within the university time frame.

The successful candidates of the entry test are expected to submit their admission fee within the university time frame. There is a provision that latecomers can also appear in UOL Islamabad Campus Test, but they have to pay double the fee.

UOL Islamabad Campus Fee Structure 2022:

Fee Structure BS in Electrical Engineering:

Fee Structure
Tuition Fee 54000 57000 60000 60000
Semester Contribution 1500 1800 1800 1800
Exam Fee 1500 1800 1800 1800
Total 57000 60600 63600 63600
Tuition Fee 54000 48000 48000 54000
Semester Contribution 1500 1500 1500 1500
Exam Fee 1500 1500 1500 1500
Total 57000 51000 51000 57000


  • Admission Fee: Rs.25600/-
  • Total Fee for Eight Semester: 460800
  • Total Fees For BEE: 486400
  • Total Credit Hour: 145

UOL Fee Structure BSCE:

Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
Tuition Fee 52,500 66,500 63,000 59,500
Semester Contribution 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500
Exam Fee 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500
Total 55,500 69,500 66,000 62,500
Semester V Semester VI Semester VII Semester VIII
Tuition Fee 56,000 66,500 52,500 42,000
Semester Contribution 1500 1800 1500 1200
Exam Fee 1500 1800 1500 1200
Total 59,000 70,100 55,500 44,400















  • Registration Fee (Payable Once): 20,000/-
  • Total Fee for Eight Semester: 482,500/-
  • Total Credit Hour: 13

UOL all Programs for admission:

UOL Islamabad Bachelor Admissions

BS Technology Doctor of Medical Lab Sciences
BS Electrical Engineering Doctor of Medical Imaging
BS Civil Engineering BEd Early Childhood Education
BS Electronics and Electrical System Bachelors of Science Civil Technology
Bachelors of Science Electrical Technology BS English Language & Communication
Bachelors of Science Electrical Engineering BS Education
Bachelors of Science Mechanical Engineering BS Environmental Science
Bachelors of Science Mechanical Technology BS Media and Communication
BS Computer Engineering BS Film and Television
BS Electronics and Communication BS Mass Communication
BS Power and Energy System Bachelors of Science Aviation Management
BS Communication & Information Technology BS (Hons)
BBA Management Science BS Chemistry
BBA (Hons) BS Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
BBA Bachelors of Business Admin BS Mathematics
BSCS Computer Science BS Physical
BS Computer Science BS Physical Engineering Physical
BS Software Engineering BS Sports Science
BS Information Technology BS Biotechnology
Medical Imaging Doctor BS Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Doctor of Optometry BS Microbiology and Biotechnology
Post Professional Optometry Doctor of Clinical Lab Science
Transitional Doctor of Optometry Bachelors of Architecture
BS Audiology BA LLB
BSc Medical Ultrasound Technology BS Accounting and Finance
Doctor of Physical Therapy BCom
Doctor of Diet & Nutritional Science BS Accounting Finance
DPT Physical Therapy BS Zoology
BS Nursing Post BS Botany
BS Occupational Therapy MPhil Botany
BSc Medical Ultrasound Technology BS Psychology
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) BS Economics
Bachelors of Dental Science BCom (Hons)
MBBS BS Speed and Language Pathology

UOL Islamabad Master Admissions

MA English Literature MDS Orthodontics
MA English Language Teaching & Linguistics MDS Operative Dentistry
MS Accounting Finance MDS Prosthodontics
MA English MS Clinical Psychology
MSc Zoology MSc Clinical Psychology
MSc Botany MID Medical Imaging Doctor
MSc Physics MIT Medical Imaging Technology
LLM MS Vascular Ultrasound
MS Sports Science MS Obstetrical and Gynecological Ultrasound
MSc Biotechnology MS General Ultrasound
MSc Biochemistry and Biotechnology MD Radiology
MSc Microbiology and Biotechnology MS Sports Medicine
Master in Sports Science & Physical Education Master in Public Health
Master in Sports Medicine Master in International Health
MSc Chemistry MS Information Technology
Masters in Industrial/Clinical Psychology MS Speech-Language & Hearing Science
MSC Psychology MS Physical Therapy
MSc Mathematics Master of Science in medical Diagnostic Ultrasound
MSc Sport Science & Physical Education Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science
MSc Environmental Sciences MS Computer Science
MS Environmental Science Master in Computer Science (MCS)
MS Education MSc Information Technology
MSc Education MBA Master Business Admin
MA Education MBA
MSc Molecular Biology & Biotechnology MCom
MEd Education MSc Economics
MA Special Education MBA Management Science
MA Eraly Childhood Education MA Leadership Management
Master of Science in Medical Education Masters in Project Management
MSc Medical Ultrasound Technology Masters in Management
MS Medical Imaging Technology MBA Executive
MDS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgey MS Electronics and Electrical System
MSc Total Quality Management MS Software Engineering
MS Project Management MS Engineering Management
MS Electrical Engineering MSc Engineering Management
MSc Mass Communication MS Supply Chain Management
Masters in Engineering Management MS Management Information System
MS Civil Engineering MS Total Quality Management
MS Mechanical Engineering MSc Project Management
Master Science in Electrical Engineering MSc Supply Chain Management
Master Science in Mechanical Engineering MSc Management Information System
Master of Science in Electronics and Electrical System

UOL Islamabad MPhil Admissions

MPhil Management Science MPhil Medical Ultrasound Technology
Mphil Virology and Molecular Pathology MPhil Islamic Studies
MPhil Immunology and Molecular Pathology MPhil Education
MPhil Medical Imaging Technology MPhil Sports Science
MPhil Pharmacology MPhil Environmental Sciences
MPhil Human Nutrition Dietetics MPhil Media and Mass Communication Studies
MPhil Physical Therapy MPhil Food Science Technology
MPhil Pharmaceutics MPhil Forensic Science
MPhil Biotechnology MPhil Mathematics
MPhil Molecular Biology MPhil Chemistry
MPhil Pharmacognosy MPhil Physics
MPhil Accounting Finance MPhil Pharmaceutical Chemistry
MSc Accounting Finance MPhil Biochemistry
MPhil English MPhil Microbiology
MPhil English Literature MPhil Physiology
MPhil Applied Linguistics MPhil Applied Economics
MPhil Zoology MPhil Commerce

UOL Islamabad PhD Admissions

PhD Accounting & Finance PhD Biotechnology
PhD Economics PHd Molecular Biology
PHd Pharmaceutical Chemistry PHd Microbiology
PHd Physics PhD Physiology
PhD Diagnostic Ultrasound PHd Mathematics
PhD Computer Science PhD Islamic Studies
PHd Management Science PhD Pharmacology
PhD Electrical Engineering PHd Education
PhD Mechanical Engineering PhD Medical Ultrasound Technology
PhD Civil Engineering PhD Medical Imaging Technology
PhD Radiology

UOL Islamabad Postgraduate Diploma Admissions

CA Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
CIMA Diploma in Medical Radiology and Diagnostic
ACCA Diploma in Medical Radiology & Diagnostic (DMRD)
Postgraduate Diploma in (Computational Physics) Transitional Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology (TDMIT)
Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia (PGDM) Extended Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology (EDMIT)
Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication (PGDMC) UltraSound Technology
Postgraduate Diploma in Audio and Video Production Certificate in Health Professional Education (CHPE)
Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetic Postgraduate Diploma in Computational Physics
Diploma in Non-Invasive Orthopedic Technology (MINIOT)

How to apply for UOL admission?

  • To apply online for the admissions, go to the above-mentioned button.
  • You must first log in using your real email address.
  • Send a draft of Rs. 1700 to the University of Lahore in favor of and get your prospectus.
  • You may also obtain the prospectus from UOL’s admission office for Rs.1500.
  • The prospectus will be accessible until 10 September 2022 by courier.
  • The prospectus at the university will be accessible until September 10, 2022.
  • After that, you will receive a voucher. Fill out the application and send it before the last deadline.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

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