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The inflation rate goes to 7.7 percent in September 2014

Karachi(October 2, 2014):  The inflation rate goes to 7.7 percent in September 2014 for the whole nation. the country’s inflation rate rose to 7.7 percent in September year-on-year, while the monthly inflation rate rose by 0.4 percent during the first quarter of this year, the average rate of inflation was 7.52 percent.On a monthly basis, inflation increased to 0.4, the average rate of inflation in the first quarter was 7.52 percent

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), according to data released by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) based inflation last month rose 7.7 percent year-on-year in August, which was 7.4 per cent and 7.4 per cent in September 2013 , on a monthly basis, inflation rose 0.4 percent in September, an increase of 0.3 percent in August, however, happened.

Non-food non-energy CPI at 8.1 percent in September year-on-year increase was recorded in August, which was limited to 7.9 percent on a monthly basis while it increased by 0.7 percent compared to 0.2 percent in August, the annual Food prices rose 7.2 percent on a monthly basis while prices remain, food and other commodities prices 8 percent last month and 0.6 percent on an annual basis to go on a monthly basis, last month, the highest year-on-year rise in prices of potatoes was 99.71 percent.

Also motor vehicle (autos )Tax 36.71, 15.82 expensive power while educational expenses decreased 15.28 percent increase over the tea leaves while 17.61 and 9.42 per cent in the prices of onions. PBS Sensitive Price Index in September, according to the rate of inflation based on the Wholesale Price Index of 5.4 percent and 2.7 percent year-on-year increase.


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