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Federal Government agreed for Transit Trades agreement

Karachi (Sunday, October 19, 2014):The federal Government of Pakistan agreed to review the new Transit Trades agreement. challenges remain in Afghan Transit Trade, the new Afghan Transit Trade Agreement of the TT 70% karguayran moved to Bandar Abbas.challenges remain in Afghan Transit Trade, the new Afghan Transit Trade Agreement of the TT 70% karguayran moved to Bandar Abbas.

Transit trade, say traders associated with the business of the various complications and problems through ports Afghan tajrpakstany priority prtjart keen interest and keeping the Afghan traders Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce is working with Efficiency the new Afghan Transit Trade Agreement revised assured.

Sources said that the meeting was a proposal to amend SRO No. 121 enables making Pakistan Railways Karachi to Peshawar to Chaman railway khlamal be allowed. The Ministry of Commerce has been proposed that the containers be allowed aurayf B arsy de astfng material before it reached the right conditions Peshawar aurcmn the supervision of the customs border by heavy trucks to park.

In this context, the Pak-Afghan joint border cymbrky Director Zia ‘Express’ said the Afghan Transit Trade, where there are numerous complications LoC dishes NATO ISAF Afghanistan also has commercial activities dealing with kuzbun prosperity.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on the ongoing investigation into the scandal nytuaysaf containers still Karachi, Peshawar and Balochistan, a Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents Borders could not prove the NATO ISAF containers scam National Logistics Cell (NLC ) and Pakistan Railways to investigate an officer involved has revealed.

The former member customs FBR NATO ISAF containers Hafiz Mohammad Anees late report was compiled without the cross border Afghanistan 28 thousand containers disappeared in Pakistan, which was revealed prsprym former Chief Justice of the Court of Justice ( R) Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry suo moto notice of the National Accountability Bureau case inquiry ordered, the Federal Tax Ombudsman Dr Shoaib Siddle report 28 thousand instead of 7 thousand 922 containers inside Pakistan loss report compiled.

Was clear that the number of 28 thousand containers disappeared NATO ISAF, the NAB report, Dr Mohammad Shoaib Siddle reference to the Supreme Court in Karachi, Peshawar and Balochistan border customs clearing and forwarding agents were implicated was the FBR Chairman Abdullah Yusuf August 26, 2006, the notification through the Afghan Transit Trade in the business of Border Agents the end and kstmzquanyn auraykt Border agent is no mention, despite NAB against them firs are cut and add them to investigate what happened. have to bear the additional financial costs and anguish have also ducarhuna.

The former collectors of customs Peshawar Khan reported missing containers of just 28 to 30 while the NAB 7 thousand 922 containers inquiry is, NAB, Peshawar and Balochistan offices, but the relevant region of cases investigated and NAB officials in this situation, FBR officials and Customs Collectorate been periodically briefed the customs clearing, forwarding and border agents could not get any relief from the new ATC contract is almost sbutaxhucka.

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