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The banking sectors have great performance in Economy | SBP

Karachi(Saturday, November 22, 2014): The banking sector’s have great performance in Economy said by SBP. From July-September quarter of the current year in the banking sector improved.

September 2014 profit (pre-tax) 176 billion justmbr 2013 reached the highest level in more than 44%, the return on assets (arauay) and return on equity (arauay) better and 1.4%, respectively, and 15.9 percent and 12.3 percent a year ago was 1.1 percent.

Issued by the State Bank of Pakistan September to July 2014, according to quarterly statistics for the banking sector’s capital adequacy ratio of the banking system (C-AR) have improved to 15.5 percent in September 2014, which was 15.1% a quarter ago. The major cause of the massive profits.

Stringent Basel III (Basel-III), despite the current rate of implementation of the capital adequacy standard Capital Bank set the minimum threshold is considerably higher than 10%, an encouraging fact is that the stress test results also showed strong capital base so that the system of credit, market and liquidity risk due to any extraordinary shocks can afford.

Banking sector asset quality indicators also show stability with minor changes, disable loans in September 2014 (NP Co.) and the ratio of total loans tmuyn (provision) minus 3.2 percent and 6.4 percent in September 2011, the height of is much lower than.

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