Tax Amnesty Scheme in Urdu:

Tax amnesty

What Tax Amnesty Scheme in Pakistan?

A valid way to validate illegal money is discovered? Or is the name of Amnesty Scheme for the sale of coke on the tax applied to billions of properties? If the Tax Amnesty Scheme is blacklisted black, does there have any law against blacksmith makers in our country? tax amnesty scheme

Such schemes are different in different countries. But, in terms of terms in Pakistan, this scheme has been introduced eleven times, there is a lot of excitement and exemption. Under the Tax Amnesty Scheme, tax rates are increased in most countries, but in contrast to Pakistan. Under the Tax Amnesty Scheme in the previous government, by giving only five percent tax to hide internal assets and tax evasion, all the wealth could be legal. Tax rates were up to 7 to 35 percent, i.e. taxpayers received a 50% discount on the tax.

India announced the tax amnesty scheme in 2016, but the scheme was received at the rate of 45 percent from the assets of the schemes under the scheme. It has received Rs 294 billion from the Indian Government. The Sri Lanka government also introduced this scheme. He also received a rate of 50 percent. While European countries are also up to 47 to 60 percent.

Similarly, many countries, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, announced various amnesty schemes to show tax thieves and assets abroad. The penalty was given, but the tax receipt was not discounted. While the former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was introduced in the scheme introduced by the FBR, the condition of exposure to foreign assets was completely punished with tax exemption.

According to economists, the condition of exposure to foreign and domestic assets should be the same and in this respect, to open any kind of discrimination corruption and restore the country’s wealth to protect effective tax thieves abroad. Synonyms.

The Jamaat-e-Islami Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), who has strongly criticized the introduction of the Tax Amnesty Scheme to the previous government, is now introducing this scheme.

The motive of Tehreek-e-Insaf was that the purpose of bringing the Amnesty Scheme is to make the right of the government’s stolen wealth and resist the efforts of the ruler to resolve the efforts of the rulers. While this fact is part of the record that Imran Khan did not show his London flat in the 1997 elections. In 2000, when Pervez Musharraf introduced the Amnesty Scheme, Imran Khan showed his London flat under this scheme.

At the time when the government is going to introduce a new amnesty scheme, members of their own cabinet, Imran Khan are questioning how this Amnesty Scheme is different from schemes of the past? Contrary to the past Amnesty Schemes, how to support now?

As such, it will be the first historical utility of Tehreek-e-Insaf, which can benefit the public.

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