Suggestion to Increase 15 to 20% Salary & Pension in Budget 2018-19

ISLAMABAD (21st March, 2018): The government of Pakistan Finance department is considering the Suggestion to Increase 15 to 20% Salary & Pension in Budget 2018-19  fiscal year. The federal government started considering suggestions on increasing government consolidation salaries by 15 to 20 percent in the federal budget of the next fiscal year, 2018 and after the appointment of the workers in the federal government, housing rentals, including other rental houses have done. Urdu detail of Budget 2018 to 2019 Pay Scale Revision of Government Employees

The Finance Ministry sources said that initial work has been done, the final work will be done by the end of the next month and the treasury division will be delivered. We share Latest Updates Increase Salary Budget 2018-19 for Govt Employees in Pakistan all Punjab and other provinces on facts that are officially announced.

Sources said that the Department of Regulation Department of Finance has made three options for enhancement of salary of government employees, retirement owners in the upcoming federal budget, and they are also evaluating the latest suggestions. Sources said that the increase in employee salaries in the next budget is likely to increase by 20% in the relief of 15 per cent relief relief, whereas employees are proposed to increase colate setting and medical alliances.

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An analyst is also under consideration that the Adahak Alliance meeting in the past should be integrated into Kutta Pattaya, and the basic pay afterwards is given.

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Budget 2018 Final Date: Budget 2018-19 To Be Presented By Finance Minister:

The Budget 2018 Final Date is 27th April, 2018 toled by spokesperson of PM special adviser. the The Dr. Miftah Ismail PM Special adviser regarding Finance matters Affairs revealed that the Final Date of Budget 2018-2019 by Federal Government is decided. The annual Federal Budget 2018-19 will be offered on 27th April, 2018.

And will be finalized in May 2018 and the end tenure of the present Government up to 31st May 2018 where it will be fully acceptable.

The latest news of budget updates 2018 on this page The all Government Employees who expecting a good increase in salaries in Budget 2018-19 will have to visit this page regularly.

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