Thursday , March 23 2023

Steel Mills Pakistan Needed Intense Care: CEO

Karachi:  Pakistan Steel’s chief executive officer, Major General (Retd) Zahir Ahmed Khan said while addressing the officers and employees of Pakistan Steel and not generic situation requires special attention.

Steel Mills Pakistan Needed Intense Care: CEO

18 billion to Rs 50 crore from the government under the financial package to achieve certain goals, 30 percent in August, with an increase of 10% per month of January 2015 is to achieve 77% production. The goals of emergency in the Pakistan Steel is on a far-reaching strategy.

He urged the officers and employees of certain restricted hours, discipline, efficiency, honesty and integrity through the fixed intensify their efforts to achieve production targets, maintenance of the plant’s immediate focus so productive kamunpr be made more functional units, through regular and disciplined work environment should be improved further.

Pakistan Steel employees in the highest interest of laziness and avoiding complacency, corruption and violation of rules and mismanagement of the country’s laws against the perpetrators being brought into action, and soon the logical elements end will arrive.


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