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State Bank Revealed inflation zoomed and rupee turned down

State Bank Pakistan Front ViewKarachi (22th August, 2014) : The State Bank of Pakistan spokesperson and Director Monetary Policy Hamza Malik said that money is the result of political uncertainty result recent decline in the stock market reaction to the protests Show subtracted the resulting supply chain affected by the inflation will increase. State Bank sdrdftr media in the hope that the meeting would be a temporary reduction in future dollars will fluznarml anfluzaur out.

He said that it is worth the cost of external debt increased from result, but it does depend Final evaluation of the nature of loans. The protests resulted in the supply chain will be affected by increased inflation increased but the effects of this increase will be about the early explanation.

Result of  a shock if the resulting inflation monetary policy decisions base could happen. He said bhtrhyn economic indicators, fiscal deficit has been reduced, zkayrmsthkm exchange, banks to reduce government debt maturities for the private sector has increased, resulting in the acquisition of large-scale manufacturing has increased.

Monetary policy is also an important role in the improvement of economic indicators is kahaml. Strengthening economic fundamentals will continue to improve the country krsmajy kukrayss from management and development solutions from hampering dygrcylnjz be enhanced.

He said the government’s privatization plans months next 2 quarters, and Euro bonds Sukuk issuance program through govt lunzky bucks, which will strengthen the zkayrmzyd qdrmyn mzydasthkam would create too. He talks with the IMF is not a deadlock. 

IMF from SBP fnksnng improved 3 tips followed has been the banks’ risk management committee, monetary policy of the State Bank Board meeting minutes publication aurmanytry Policy prmsaurt for the Advisory Committee tjauyzsaml are shaped. State Bank to all banks have risk management committee is jukam.

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