State Bank 6-Point Economic Development Vision 2021

Karachi (Saturday, August 15, 2015): State Bank of Pakistan 6-Point Economic Development Vision 2021 presented recently. State Bank of Pakistan to strengthen the stability of the financial system while enhancing the effectiveness of monetary policy and the banking system’s efficiency, effectiveness and transparency to increase the five-year strategy announced. State Bank of Pakistan‘s 69th Independence Day ceremony, Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, Ashraf Wathra 5-year-old policy of the State Bank announced Vision 2021.

State Bank 6-Point Economic Development Vision 2021

He said that the project of the state administration is formed after months of hard work, the project has been developed through a consultative process, the Vision 2025 project at the time the State Bank of Pakistan and taken into consideration with internal and external survey domestic and global economic conditions and financial situation kept separate, SBP Vision 2021 covers six main objectives under which the effectiveness of monetary policy to pursue, financial system stability will be strengthened, the banking system’s efficiency, impact and increase transparency, financial inclusion (Financial Inclusion) increase, to build modern and efficient payment system and banks are strengthening efficiency and effectiveness.

He spoke with the Governor SBP said the SBP’s 5-year plan was comprehensive, but the governor’s frequent change of project could not process, the new 5-year plan, the governor changes the project will have no impact on functionality. He said that no funds for the project, nor is any need approval, each individual agency and department to achieve its set targets will work in a spirit of self-criticism. The institution empowered to change their entire staff as well as its core values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, perseverance and courage, skill and focus on achieving results will further strengthen the focus on .

Earlier, the flag-raising ceremony, he said that this day is celebrated in memory of their leaders who liberate the nation from the chains of slavery for the countless sacrifices, their struggles and the perseverance of the Everlasting I received the gift of freedom for the subcontinent’s Muslims, the Muslims of the subcontinent Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s voices and then put new meaning at a time when the dream to become reality, it would be almost impossible, to strengthen Pakistan, prosperous and thriving nation is our collective responsibility, we can make some sacrifices, but if we keep in mind the principles of the great leaders indicated they would understand that the sacrifice of a people for the future of there.

They guarantee the development of a robust financial system may consist of institutions, a stable financial system and a stronger economy of Pakistan, no nation could not hope to develop, beginning in Pakistan despite the central bank and the appropriate macroeconomic The system was set up, although the rise and fall of many in our economy and is also facing some challenges, but I still have growth potential and the economy is moving in the right direction.

Later, the Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan notes designing museum inaugurated the historical manuscripts, documents and manuscripts Pakistan renowned artist, collector of banknotes and tickets Adil Salahuddin banks are donated to the museum. SBP Governor Adil Salahuddin services were acknowledged by their donation to the museum as a valuable enhancement.

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