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Stat Bank will Issue New Currency Notes 25th June for Public

Karachi (Thursday, June 25, 2015): Stat bank of Pakistan will facilitate the public for getting the new currency note for the year 2015. Bank Dolat Pakistan accordingly this year will issue new currency notes for Eid ul fiter 2015. For this purpose SBPBSC’s offices will issue with their counters for 25th of June 2015. And this will continues for the Last day of Ramzan. Get new currency notes of pakistan 2015

All Banks issuing fresh currency notes till Day before Eid ul Fiter 2015

And the Situated in Big cities the 150 commercial banks have been “Select Branch” for That. And they will work like Express Center. Where peoples will get new currency notes copies according to the quota.

That work will be under the SPBBSC officers supervision. On the other hand all commercial banks have a specific quota that will be suffered for the clients. Commercial banks, micro finance bank’s branches, and the account holder corporate users will be issued on 2nd of july 2015.

In this process Rs. 10, Rs.20 and Rs.50 copies will be issues and the 100 Rs. copy will be offered according to the stock. For getting the new currency notes you will have to bring original CNIC/ Smart Card to the counter person.

Each person will get only one time the copy. If you are not founding your right then you can complain to the SBP. SBPBSC has created a help desk by email at and the phone number is 32555470-201 . If a bank does not issue these currency notes then they will be liable to pay fine for that.

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