Friday , January 27 2023

Rs.29 billion released for University Development: Minister for Federal Education

Minister for Federal Education Shafqat Mahmood revealed the government will release Rs.29 billion soon for the continuing growth of the universities in Pakistan.Minister for Federal Education Shafqat Mahmood

Dealing with the Vice-Chancellors summit in Islamabad on he said his ministry is working to devise a plan to make universities capable to generate revenue Friday.

The Minister stated 50 Thousand scholarships are being granted to deserving children when you look at the Undergraduate grant plan in one season. He stated how many scholarships will be getting increased steadily.

Featuring responsibility that is heavy the arms of VCs, he urged these to play their particular role to get Pakistan forth.

The Minister said fifty thousand scholarships can be awarded to deserving students for the Undergraduate Scholarship Programme in one season. He stated the sheer number of scholarships will gradually be increased. Highlighting responsibility that is heavy on the shoulders of VCs, he recommended these to perform their part to get Pakistan onward.

Intensive strategies are required to help the quality of higher education so that the graduates are competent enough for employability, said the minister.

Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training mentioned there exists a must ensure that the faculty is qualified and the curriculum is current. He additionally exhausted the importance of degrees to make graduates talented for employability.

He observed that the general public and private market universities tend to be facing lots of issues, which need to be answered. He included that the authorities are cognizant of the problem. He stated the accessibility of youngsters to training was constantly enhancing, however, the product quality should not end up being affected. He recommended that exclusive universities be conscious of preserving quality while growing their sites and developing sub-campuses.

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