Winners of Prize bond 7500 Draw No.76 1.11.2018 Held RWP Announced

Today Directorate of National savings of Pakistan Prize bond rupee Seventy Five Hundred (7500) draw is being held in Rawalpindi city. The draw of Rs. 7500 is named seventy sixth (76) draw till so far for this medium range denomination.

Draw 76, Rs. 7500 Prize Bond List, Rawalpindi On 01-11-2018 Results

Prize Bonds are widely acknowledged as a safe and secure financial investment. All the Govt employee men and women and limited investors can easily purchase in these 7500 prize bonds and try their capital without the risk of loss of their hard earned revenue. The blessed draw for the prize bonds held after every a variety of months. The first prize, second prize, and 3rd prize have a worth of Rs. 15M0 5,M, and 93k respectively.

According to Kohenoor TV live broadcast the new announces that first winner lucky number is 594975 that have won 1.5 Cror. And the Three lucky winners 019084 270596 and 683074 got five million worth prizes in Rawalpindi city.

Now the third list is coming tonight that who will got 93 thousand prizes of 1696 lucky prizes. Get the full third list below.

First Prize winner Number :594975

Second Prize winner Numbers : 019084 270596 683074

See full List here:

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