Political deadlock effecting Economy said the Asian Banks

Islamabad (18th September, 2014): Asian Development Bank sdrtaky Nakai Noda said that the new partnership strategy for Pakistan over the next five years will provide $ 5 billion, Diamir are aware of the importance of the political deadlock issues with Pakistan’s volatile economy can deliver.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said Diamer Basha Dam construction, including the Indian National Oasi not need to take any neighboring country, according to AFP said the suspension of Pakistan’s volatile economy suffered injury In Pakistan.

Undeterred transfer of power through elections, but was very pleased Imran Khan allegations of election rigging is earnestly sit for a month harmful for the Pakistani economy stable.

Pakistan Foreign investors are afraid to come, if they took the situation may further damage the economy.

Earlier, Asian Development Bank President Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif appointment and matters of mutual interest, discussed the $ 200 million loan agreement Pakistan Towards Secretary Economic Affairs Division, Mr. Sethi signed the project agreement.

the National Highway Authority Chairman and ADB Country Director Andy Lee uarnrr signed five agreements, the president of the ADB President, Minister of Finance, Governor State Bank and other officials also met.

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