Karachi (November, 5th 2014)): PM to Start Transport scheme for unemployed Youth in Pakistan. The federal government providing jobs for young people across the country, Prime Minister of Transport scheme ‘decided to start.

Transport scheme for unemployed youth minister decided to start

Transport scheme for unemployed Youth

Scheme for the earliest continuous consultation with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cabinet ministers are involved in schemes aimed at improving the transport system is to provide jobs to the people.

Government sources say that the scheme, unemployed youths and easy interest free instalments loan, mini buses and cargo vehicles will be provided, the scheme for investment in domestic and foreign transport companies will be invited.

The Federal Government would offer companies that provide their services to youth on easy installments, the government will take responsibility for the collection of installments, vehicle computerised under the scheme will be made through balloting. Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar for the start of the scheme under which the committee will prepare a policy for the scheme, after the preparation of the policy announced by the federal cabinet approved will be included in the scheme for the aged limit is 40 years.

Heavy traffic of people joining the scheme will be compulsory license scheme will be introduced through the National Bank, an independent body to monitor the scheme will be set up, in the scheme in respect of subsidies on the various vehicles vehicle 5 to 10 percent of the funds will be released.

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And 90 to 95 per cent the car to get the person 5 to 10 years in installments will pay scheme across various stages 3 to 5 million vehicles will be In the first phase 50 thousand vehicles will be provided through the draw, the procedures of the scheme will be completed in 2 months and will be launched early next year, the terms of participation in the scheme would be easy.

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