PM announced Rs. 5.5 Petrol & Diesel Price Reduction

Lahore (Saturday, January 30, 2016): The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have been announced the petrol and diesel price reduced by Rs. 5.54 per liter next month of February 2016. PM announced Rs. 5.5 Petrol & Diesel Price Reduction for the relief of the general public and transports in Pakistan. 

 PM Nawaz reduced Rs 5 per liter reduction in petrol priceTalking to media in Lahore, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan more peaceful and prosperous today than in 2013, the global economy and positive ways seen of Pakistan. industries complete circuit is running, load is reduced, foreign exchange brethren 21 billion dollars exports.

Control inflationary below inflation is 2 percent, the next month petrol, kerosene and diesel price by Rs 5 is reduced. The Petrol & Diesel Price in Pakistan are now mostly controled for the past 10 year comparison. 

The work in the global market prices in view of the decline in oil prices, record high octane value of 11 rupees 15 paise per liter, high speed diesel 15 paise to Rs 10, Rs 7 56 petrol money, light diesel Rs 7 36 Money and kerosene Rs 17 per liter money oil price decline had recommended 8. PM announced Rs. 5.5 Petrol & Diesel Price Reduction. 

 Old PriceNew Price
Super Petrol76.25 per litre68.69 per litre
High Octane Petrol80.66 per litre70.51 per litre
Light Speed Diesel44.94 per litre37.58 per litre
Kerosine Oil48.25 per litre4058 per litre
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