Karachi (November 10, 2014): Pakistan’s first eco-friendly electric Bikes have been launched. Introducing Bikes TAZ trading company claims that Chinese-made electric Bikes common Motor Bikes 90% lower cost than would facilitate travel.

Their innovative design and refurbished Bikes spend 15 bucks and can travel a distance of 100 kilometers. This bike is manufactured by Audi.

New E-Bike 2015 in Pakistan launched by Audi

Audi is the best auto manufacturer in the world. Electric Bikes introductory ceremony Talking to media company representatives Waqas Ahmad and Mohsen Niazi said Pakistan and the future of electric Bikes Pakistan in the next five years will replace traditional combustion motorcycles. 

These Bikes run cast common Bikes 90 percent similar to traditional Bikes incurred on We, the cost of 95 percent saves the carbon emissions due to the Bikes pollution 95 percent are the source.

Pakistan Electric Bikes most women and girls are interested Scotti styling Bikes women suitable for the extreme speed of 60 kilometers per hour the e Bikes test drive registration percentage of women is 40 percent the same As early as in Lahore and Faisalabad selling e-Bikes Bikes of 40% of shoppers are women.

Mohsin Niazi said Pakistan is rapidly growing its Home Delivery System, courier companies, and fast food restaurants out of e-Bikes ideal for indoor service patrolling police including gasoline, Lubricants with saving business costs through recharging batteries can be reduced significantly.

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E-Bikes the vehicle registration and vehicle tax Excise Department Bikes do not even need to be less than 50 cc because it is exempt from registration.

The next phase of the company’s assembly plant in Pakistan is seeking e Bikes. Bikes test ride in the orientation of a large number of citizens was held on the beach family orientation event.

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