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Pakistani Little boy Muhammad Huzair become IT Security Certified

Lahore (Friday, October 10, 2014): Pakistani Little boy Muhammad Huzair become IT Security Certified. Pakistani littile boy a children of certified IT security across the world have the name of the country to high position.Muhammad Huzair World's Youngest Microsoft Professional

Laxman Singh of Lahore Fort from the 8-year-old Muhammad Huzair Awan International Computerized driving license test information technology security, where a total of more than 20 million students are studying, the IT security test hzyr 78 percent of marks.

He said that terrorist’s Muhammad Huzair Rawalpindi police website hacked after security level I realized that our government is very weak, then I decided to take IT security classes.

Mohammad Huzair 3 siblings and one of the biggest private school student in the fourth grade, Huzair’s family very happy at the huge success of the Samara family home Uzair play like normal kids instead of laptops He spends time with his younger brother and sister also seen this look work.

The Pakistani girl with her 9-year old Arfa Karim Randhawa, Microsoft’s youngest professional exam and received the title of Microsoft Certified, but in January 2012 after a long illness, died at the age of 16 said.

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