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Pakistan Steel Mills Has Met 13.5 Billion Of Their Financial Package

Karachi(9/30/2014): Pakistan Steel land valuable asset, the present government of Pakistan Steel, maintenance and development for the 18 million to 50 million financial packages on 25 April 2014 approved the Pakistan Steel 5 different increments of 13 billion to 50 million receive have.

Pakistan Steel Mills Has Met 13.5 Billion Of Their Financial Package

Pakistan Steel management not only manages the import of raw materials continued to September 20, but Steel Mills production reached 22 percent, is expected to produce 45 to 50 percent will arrive next month.

The statement of the Chief Executive Officer Pakistan Steel Major General (Retired) Bin Qasim Zaheer Ahmed Khan in Karachi, Pakistan Steel Operations Building products suppliers, registered traders / consumers during the meeting.Traders said they consumers we performed well in the past, and will still perform well, the company integrated factory upgrades, automation, Capital raperrs important and necessary maintenance tasks and prioritization being preferred, plus high-quality iron ore (iron over) and metallurgical coal (coal) continued importation arrangements not only of production but also measures the best and quality products, to sell their products to The administration has launched a transparent policy for consumers.

Confidence in the administration, security and development for the survival of Pakistan Steel 18 billion financing package approved Rs 50 crore, is evident from the fact that the current government is now fully rely on the company’s employees but I expect to get back on its feet. Traders . consumers delegation expressed full confidence in the management of Pakistan Steel assured that they will cooperate for the development of national institutions.

During the meeting, members of the delegation said that such meetings should be continued in the future.Consumers gave the cndtjauyz the administration assured implementation.

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