Pakistan Steel Mills getting 48 million for Eid Salay

Islamabad(Friday, July 17, 2015): Pakistan Steel Mills employees of the Ministry of Finance in respect of Eid package for Rs 48 crore have been released.  Pakistan Steel Mills getting 48 million for Eid Salay

The media reported exclusively by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Medina ECC Steel Mills as chairman of the festival for employees under 48 million package approved.

Treasury officials say the PSM package for employees to feast on humanitarian workers have to share the joy of Eid. The Minister passed on the expectant support as Chairman ECC as an exceptional case, from Madinah Munawara. As indicated by an announcement, the fund clergyman passed on his expectant endorsement as Chairman ECC from Medina.

The choice has been tackled helpful justification for the PSM representatives, and their families, the announcement included. RThis stipend comes only two weeks after the administration had sanction Rs960m for Steel Mills to pay compensations of March and April to the greater part of its workers. The choice has been tackled philanthropic grounds with a perspective to empower workers and groups of the Pakistan Steel Mills participate in Eid ul fitr celebrations.

Pakistan Steel Finance Ministry spokesman said the government of Pakistan Steel Pakistan Steel Pakistan before the Eid 1 month’s salary for employees approved Federal Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar bturcyyrmyn Medina, ECC Pakistan Steel employees for 1 month’s salary 48 crore exclusively approved Pakistan Steel employees Fitr before the May 2015 salary approved by the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance, the Privatization Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Thanks production. Pakistan Steel management employees pay slips issued May 2015.

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