Islamabad (Wednesday, March 21, 2018):The Islamabad Government (online) federal government, in the Federal Budget of the next Fiscal year, 2018-19, received 15 to 20 percent of the salary deposits of the government employees and the increase in the deposits of housing rentals, housing rentals, including housing rentals. According to Media reports, the initial work has been started in the Ministry of Finance; the final work of the next month will be done to the treasurer by doing the job.
Regulation department of the Finance Ministry has made three options for enhancement of salary of government employees, pensioners of retirement employees in the next federal budget, and are also estimating the suggestions of all stakeholders. The employee’s salary in the next Budget 2018-19 is expected to increase by 20 percent in the relief volunteers. While the proposal is also to be raised for the employees’ call-ups and medical allowances. See the news in Urdu for Overtime Allowance, House Rent, Medical Allowanec Increment In Budget 2018-19 Pakistan.

Overtime Allowance & House Rent Increment In Budget 2018-19
Overtime Allowance & House Rent Increment In Budget 2018-19

Pifra salary Phots
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