Oil companies profit down due to Crude oil prices

Paris (Monday, November 02, 2015): A significant decline in crude oil prices in the world oil companies profits decreased significantly. The Oil companies profit down due to Crude oil prices in Pakistan. 

while some companies also have suffered losses due to the large oil companies to make their operations viable Capital spending was cut while focusing on limiting new investment projects have been postponed, however, affect the revenue of large companies, dividend payments to shareholders are protected.Who benefits from lower oil prices

The mid-year 2014, approximately 50% of the crude oil prices decreased due to the large oil groups skrrhy financial results and the discovery of oil is expensive projects have to be reviewed. Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster in 2010 affected the British energy company BP’s profits in the third quarter of this year was 64 percent and its 2015 investment budget has been cut to $ 4 billion. BP chief executive Bob doodles say that the atmosphere of the new financial framework for a harmonious balance are recycled.

The Royal Dutch Shell earlier this year was a deficit of $ 7.4 billion in the third quarter, the company terminated the project are higher in Alaska and Canada, and to focus on becoming more competitive is resolved. The world’s largest lstdayl aykzun Mobil company to 47.5 per cent decline in net profit suffered and he prayszsy regardless of commodity costs has been focusing on the business indicators.

The French company Total’s net profit fell 69 percent and 10 percent this year, has reduced its investment budget. Italy’s ENI and Norway’s state oil and 952 million euro to 299 million euro deficit. Jysprlalr analyst said that all major companies are spending less than $ 60 per barrel price could be made viable operations.

Believes that oil prices average $ 60 a barrel in the medium term will continue, the level of debt at lower interest rates while maintaining dividends of large companies will be protected.

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