OGRA Proposes an Increase in prices of Petroleum Products

Islamabad (Sunday, March 29, 2015): The prices of petroleum products in the country in April of Rs 5.79 per liter, but decided in principle to increase the price of kerosene is expected to decline 89 per liter. SC for the next month summary of prices of petroleum products is finalized.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif decided to increase petroleum products shall Photos: File

In summary, the price of gasoline increased from Rs 3.79 to Rs 74.08 with an increase of 70.29 rupees per liter, high speed diesel price hike of Rs 5.79 increase from Rs 86.40 to Rs 80.61 per liter, light diesel oil price increase of 96 pennies increased from Rs 58.90 to Rs 57.94 per liter and HOBC price increased from Rs 1.62 to Rs 81.80, an increase of 80.18 per liter is proposed. 89 In summary, the price of petrol per liter of kerosene reduced from Rs 60.55 to Rs 61.44 with reduction has been proposed to reduce.

The summary will be sent on Monday petroleum prices on the Prime Minister will make the final decision.

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