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Nepra asked Electric energy distributions purchase the data

Islamabad(Saturday, October 11, 2014): National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) Central Power Purchasing Agency (EPA c) of power distribution companies last month (September) of the Energy Purchase data have demand.

Nepra demanded the electric energy distribution companies purchase the data for September

NEPRA officials in this regard by the power distribution company’s monthly fuel price adjustment on a monthly basis under the power purchase price and the sales price to cover the gaps found in the fuel price adjustment is sought. 

Sources from the power distribution companies of NEPRA monthly fuel price adjustment for the July-August for the Purchasing Agency ruled jackahy companies distribution of the energy purchase and NEPRA CPI data has been Nepra ko fraham PA September data will be provided to the fuel price adjustment for the appropriate time to meet required conciliation process.

The federal government, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) by electric power companies for new projects upfront tariff fixation and pending applications for power generation licenses priority rule is directed.

Also added to NEPRA Many companies and organizations from the private as well as to generate electricity to allow the requests are pending.

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