Thursday , March 23 2023

Mobile Phone SIM Verification become big problem for citizens

The recent updates in the mobile sims Verification¬†is a major process of Pakistan’s security but now it has become a big challenge for Pakistani nation to verify their data.

Biometric Verification of mobile phone SIM has become unbearable for the citizens. In most parts of the country, long lines of people to the franchise. How to verify you sim by Biometric sim verification is not a problem but the crowd of people in shops and franchises is a big issue.

SIM Information & Verification System Online

Mobile phone franchise retailers the SIMs to verify biometric system is provided, a franchised rush of customers experiencing difficulties and the other retailers biometric authentication for the users per 10 100 rupees are With that consumers are not only cruelty and abuse. From retailer to move the majority of consumers are refusing to confirm your SIM confirm the absence of millions is going to be closed.

Online biometric Mobile SIM Verification is big problem for citizens of Pakistan Fears that mobile companies biometric system checks and balances provided by mobile operators were not lose millions of users the mobile companies fear the loss of millions per month.

Mobile phone users have urged the government to simplify the certification process and verification of various companies SIMs to be made possible through a one-window operation.

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