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LNG first shipment departed for Pakistan

Karachi (Wednesday, March 25, 2015): LNG first shipment departed for Pakistan.¬†International pressure and Transparency International’s objections relating to transparency in the import of LNG LNG import project in Pakistan’s future is put at risk by the gas supplier company Port Qasim the desired depth.

First shipment of Qatari LNG to reach Karachi on Mar 26 march 2015

the arrival of LNG shipping traffic management and lighting objections to the way the project has been plagued by delays. LNG facility to convert the gas to Engro company said Qatari LNG gas terminal on the port and the objections raised to the port authority has the obligation, tons of LNG has fulfilled all its obligations.

Sources LNG from Qatar’s first without an agreement being imported parcels, the LNG docked in Dubai, floating, storage and recycling gaseous notification unit (FSRK U) through Imports are expected aygzykuyt the FSRK UK to Pakistan 68 thousand cubic meters of LNG since March 22 Pakistan’s port Port Qasim has left the 26 March in the evening or on March 27 morning at Port Qasim anchorage is will. 68 thousand cubic meters of imported LNG Convert and 198 MMCF gas will form, through aygzykuyt Pakistan to import gas from Qatar has been purchased, it will be imported parcels Pakistan State Oil Company However, the deal appears to have avoided it is imported, purchased from Qatar to Pakistan 68 thousand cubic meters of LNG from a ship docked in Dubai was taken aygzykuyt where the filling in the FSRK UK.

Federal ministry sources say that Pakistan’s 200 MMCF gas imports much pressure, importing gas from 4 to 5 days will expire in the LNG import sequence about the arrival of new parcels continue in the government, there is complete silence, the Federal Reserve will remain docked at the port of USB port, but the arrival of the next parcel of LNG not look likely in the near future coming, time to port the required steps are necessary to address the challenges related to transparency and legal consideration in the project may take several years, this situation by building a terminal facility FSRK UK The company, which provides tons of LNG will most benefit to the government in the form of LNG import company must pay compensation of Rs 2 lakh 72 thousand dollars.

The qtrgys operating company Jan 2015 Port Qasim internal and external channel survey based on 9 March, the authorities informed the hall port internal and external channels draft depth desired depth less and LNG Activity Large ships (Q-Flex) declared insufficient.

Qatari company said the port’s internal and external channels draft depth of 13 meters the desired draft is reduced, the LNG terminal Bertha draft of 14 meters is less than that without increasing Q-Flex Navy gys and can not be brthng.Qatari company demands that the draft depth has been increased since January, the Pakistani government would guarantee it.

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