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Karachi stock market fall to 222 points due to Political issues

Karachi (20th August, 2014) Karachi stock market fall to 222 points due to Political issues.

arachi stock exchange on Tuesday's business activities are under the influence of the political crisis

Business in the middle of the period 564.18 points reached magnitude prmndy but increased the cost of public financial institutions, which decreased the severity of the downturn. 73.23% of the shares, while the recession compelled investors further 62 billion Rs 51 crore 89 lakh 65 thousand 355 drowned.

Trading in the foreign banks and financial institutions and NBC work PCs from the overall 77 million 19 thousand 445 dollars worth of fresh investment while conversely local companies from 27 lakh 21 thousand 696 dollars, mutual funds on behalf of 22 lakh 75 thousand 849 dollars, on behalf of individual investors and $ 16 million 37 thousand 253 thousand 648 other organizations from 84 to 10 million dollars worth of capital has been evacuated.

At the end of the business market, the KSE-100 index lost 222.03 points at 28630.12, while the KSE-30 index declined by 97.05 points to 19973.99 and the Mi-30 index fell 180.57 points to 46538.70. Overall, 14 crore 47 lakh 35 thousand 930 shares while the transaction of business scope is limited to 355 shares which increases the flow of 81, 260 declined and 14 remained unchanged prices. C

ompanies which prices increased significantly in the Shezan International flow of 43 rupees above 943 rupees and Exide Pakistan flow of 33-34 bucks above 700.27 rupees while Nestle Pakistan flow of 385 rupees less and 7315 rupees and Rafhan Maize flow of 380 rupees less Rs 10120.

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