Inter-bank USA Dollar increases 38 Paisa and 20 Paisa in OCM

Against Pakistani Rupee, the USD dollar increases 38 Paisa. And on the other hand, 20 paise increased in Open Currency Market. According to the statics of Pakistan forex association on Tuesday, 26th Feb 2019 the American Dollar increased 38 paise against the USA dollar. And finally, the interbank rates changed from 138.58 to 138.96, and in OPM the dollar rate deviates from 138.68 to 139.06. us dollar rate today

The dollar rate in fluctuating from 137 to 140 from past 03 months and the Pakistani investors are afraid to invest in USD dollar.

The Euro buying price has been increasing by 20 paise, and selling prices increased by 30 paise. The British pound increased Rs. 02 rupee due to which the Euro buying price increased from 156.30 to 156.50 and selling price increase from 158 to 158.30. And the British Pound buying price increased from 179.80 to 181.80 and the selling price from 181.60 to 183.60.

According to the forex chart, the Saudi Riyal has been increasing 05 paisa and UAE Dirham increase 05 paise also, after that the buying price of Saudi Riyal increased from 36.75 to 36.80 and the selling price increased from 37.05 to 37.10, and the UAE Dirham buying price increased from 37.65 to 37.70 and the selling price from 37.95 to 38.00 PRK.

On Tuesday 26.02.2019 the Chinese Yuan price was in equilibrium and these were no change in buying and selling price, so the Chinese Yuan buying price was 20.50 and the selling price 21.80.

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