Thursday , March 23 2023

Growth & Development Credit Program, between Pakistan & World Bank

Islamabad (Monday, October 13, 2014): Pakistan and the World Bank Growth Development Policy Credit for the program will be resumed on Monday formally.Growth and Development Credit Program, talks between Pakistan and the World Bank will start tomorrow

According to the program of the World Bank on behalf of DFID Pakistan through economic growth and stability, economic growth and tax revenue mobilization and a half million dollar grant for improvements will be provided.

Teh World Bank assessment mission to Pakistan, but the entire team of the World Bank and Pakistan did not have a few people who Growth Development Policy Credit program, the Ministry of Finance, Federal Board of Revenue, Privatisation Commission and the State Bank of Pakistan.

Sources said this month in negotiations with the World Bank assessment mission by the Government of Pakistan to achieve Growth Development Policy Credit monetary fiscal year 2014-15, the federal budget will be informed about the actions, the program Under the reforms to enhance Pakistan’s GDP growth rate will be introduced.

and the private and financial sector development will be taken to increase the tax receipts and GDP growth rate will be introduced for the revenue mobilization plan and Revenue mobilization plan will be put in place for the World Bank.

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