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Govt to buy 1 million cotton bales Through the TCP

Khanewal (Sunday, October 12, 2014): Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research boson Sikandar Hayat Khan said that the 10 million bales of cotton through TCP to buy, so it needed to be added to the target, after the holiday shopping process will begin.

Through the TCP to buy cotton bales 10, Sikandar Hayat boson

Cotton prices have been fixed like 3 thousand bucks so farmers could get it working really rewarding. The World Wide Fund for Pakistan under the Pakistan training of rural youth ‘Green Skills prujykt’ky ceremony was over the course of addressing veterinary kits.

The event was held in Jinnah Hall Khanewal District Council. Kingdom of the project embessy nether Zealand, European Union, Federal Public of Germany and I have the support of the combat. The Minister said that APTMA and manufacturer darhus take nails, like the 3 Rs to keep in mind that all the costs.

The Government wants a policy that benefits both the farmer and manufacturer Sikandar Hayat Khan boson  said that farmers should receive the fruits of his labor. The National Food Security and Research to develop new technologies and machinery is working all the time.

Minister on the occasion, Green Skills Project ‘under’ veterinary kits distributed to 600 farmers. The Project Manager WWF Arshiya Khurshid was also present.

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