As mentioned in media news, the budget for the financial year 2023-24 will be announced in the month of June 2024 by the Federal Government. Same like previous years, all the Federal and provincial Govt employees have a great interest in the increment of their salary in this budget 2023-24. The news about the salary increment is surrounding me for the past few weeks. But there is a great fluctuation in each news. The whole game will be open on the day of the budget announcement. But what is reflected on the board, will be discussed here.Govt Employee Salary Increase in Budget 2023-24 News Updates

House Rent allowance

I think the House Rent allowance is a matter of rate increase in property house rents. So the Government will surely discuss in the change of this allowance to change the rent charges for houses. In previous budgets, the House Rent Allowance has been ignored, but the expenses of rent have been increased with an increase in inflation. So chances are to increase this allowance.  But this is not sure completely.

Medical Allowance

You may have seen in social media and broadcast news that the medicine prices are increased in a great quantity and the cost of treatment is also affected. As compared to the facilities in hospitals and the cost of private treatments, it’s necessary to update the Medical Allowance in terms of the true spirit, and it’s major news to increase the Medical Allowance in Budget 2023-24 in Pakistan and other provinces.

The cabinet committee has devised many Suggestions, concerning the Govt employee Salary Increase in the Budget 2023-24 of Pakistan.

The media news has explored some of the facts in the upcoming budget, that is a little bit concerned about the increment of the following pay/allowances for Government employees:

The old highlights of the previous budget were.

  • The previous ad-hoc allowances will be merged into Basic Pay
  • House Rent Allowance may also be increased
  • Monthly Medical Allowance can be increased up to Rs. 3000/- in this budget
  • Computer Allowance should be raised for Technical Computer personnel
  • Higher Qualification compensation may be e considered again
  • All Government employees of Pakistan may have the same scale system
  • Overtime allowance can be implemented for some concerned employees who work in extra hours

Many other things can be considered in this annual Budget 2023-24 but it’s not all. The decision will be made by competent authorities only.

A total 30% Increase in Salary and Pension in Budget 2023-2024

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif, is going to have a meeting with his cabinet to discuss the increasing cost of living and the high prices of basic things that people need. They want to figure out how to help government workers, including the military, who are also affected by the rising costs. Many people, especially those in the middle and lower classes, are struggling to make ends meet with their current salaries. They need more money to cover their expenses.

The government workers, both current and retired, need an increase in their pay and pensions to keep up with the rising costs of things like petrol. Many of these workers are the only source of income for their families, and they are struggling to meet their basic needs. The government needs to find a way to help these workers by increasing their salaries and pensions.

The many other allowances are rumored to be increased in budget 2023-24 but everything is not possible in this duration, as the government is going to borrow from IMF, and the tax plan on 750 Billion rupees is going to be imposed on the public.

  • Basic Pay
  • Adhoc relieve allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Utility Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Computer Allowance
  • Higher Qualification Increments
  • Same pay structure
  • School / College Fees of Children
  • Motorcar, motorcycle, and House Building Advance
  • Personal Allowance
  • Any other Allowance

Please feedback, if you think any allowance is going to be updated in your opinion.

These are some media news clicks about the salary increment.

A total 30% Increase in Salary in Budget 2023-24 by Govt of Pakistan

Pifra salary Phots


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