Thursday , March 23 2023

Government Reduced prices of Petrol & Diesel

Islamabad(October 1, 2014): The government reshuffle in oil prices in the international market prices of petroleum products have been reduced by Rs 2, which will be applied at 12 at night.

The government announced a reduction in prices of petroleum Prodcuts

The Finance Ministry, following a reduction in the prices of petroleum products OGRA has issued a notification according to which 94 Rs 2 per liter of petrol, diesel, 95 paisa, 67 paisa and light diesel HOBC A decline in the value of money was Rs 88 to Rs 31 while kerosene was lack of money.

After a decline in petroleum product prices of petrol by Rs 103, Rs 39 paisa 107 diesel, light diesel by Rs 91 to Rs 41 paisa and 13 paisa per 131 H OB C is lytrprdstyab.

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