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Gold prices reduce to Rs. 43000

KARACHI (Saturday, July 25, 2015) – The Gold prices reduce to Rs. 43000 today. The Gold prices in Pakistan have broken world market by more than Rs2,000 in the past week, on Friday. The price drop comes as a pleasant surprise as the marriage season has arrived. 

Gold rates reduced by Rs2,000 per tola
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World Sarafa per ounce gold price dropped significantly after the Sarafa markets gold and became cheaper and a gold price of 44 rupees reduced from 43 thousand level occurred on Friday global Saraf per ounce gold The price of $ 22 per ounce of gold, which declined from $ 1102 to $ 1080 had decreased.

All Pakistan Supreme Council Jewellers Association reported Friday the Saraf markets a gold price of 650 rupees significantly declined after the Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Islamabad and Rawalpindi Saraf markets of gold per tola price reduced by 44 thousand 250 rupees to Rs 43 thousand 600.

The 557 gram gold price of Rs 10 to Rs 37 thousand 371 Sarafa occurred while the market price of 620 rupees a tola silver levels remained unchanged.

Gold costs have fallen to an all time low in 5 years in Pakistan. The goldsmiths and Shopkeepers are articulating that once deserted gold betrays are now being patronized by customers. Want to know latest Gold rates in Pakistan find in the link. 

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