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Gold price in pakistan

The fluctuation of Gold rates in Pakistan is the big thing that affects our economy and also the whole world’s daily business. Most of the business shares are counted in the price of Gold in the Forex market. Gold One element is the name of the metal. Due to its characteristics, which is extremely expensive. The atomic number is 79. The Gold price in Pakistan is the major one of all other metals that are in use of human beings in the world. 

Being precious metal for many centuries been used as money has changed. It is a symbol of wealth, the coins are made, which is used in jewelry, it is found in rocks such as dust or stones, it is a soft, shiny, and yellow metal that can be cast into any shape. Gold market (Gold Market) refers to the market where they are bought and sold on a large scale, which is a gold ornament is in the shape (it is also called ore).

Current Gold price in Pakistan Online

If the Pakistan Gold market is not in every city in the world, a city where the gold is bought and sold on a global scale, because here is the large gold exchange. Most metals, silver or aluminum, but not like white gold and Cesium as the color is yellow, while copper is a clear pink color. America’s market was established in the 1970s. August 2008. It is owned by CME Group of Chicago New York-based comics (comex) is the world’s largest gold market in which the world price of gold is affected. But buying and selling gold, 99.999 percent is not real, but the paper.

gold rate in pakistan - Price in Gold Pakistan

Real Gold Physical Gold (real gold) is called while gold futures, gold options, gold funds, gold paper money option, etc. are a few examples. This means a futures contract of 100 ounces (3110 grams) is gold. The Gold rate in Pakistan today can be measured from business hours from time to time on the forex chart. The Gold rate in Karachi has counted as the most authentic price in the Pakistani Gold buying selling market.

Today’s current Gold rates it can be found in Tola, Grams like 10g, Kg for 22k, and 24k gold rates. You can see live gold prices in Pakistan including all Pakistani cities with PKR (Pakistani currency – Pak Rupees). You can watch also international gold forex rates in US Dollars USD for international gold forex trading along with history prices online in Pakistan.

All Gold rates – Prices can change as per Karats, which is the measurement of Gold Purity. The Precious metals that are traded in commodity markets are known as bullion. Watch here online Today Current Gold Prices in Pakistan in PKR and USD rates…

Today’s Gold Rates in Pakistan Lahore, Karachi Islamabad

City 24k per Tola 24k 10g 22k 10g
Gold rate in Karachi Rs127,000 Rs108,880 Rs99,810
Gold rate in Lahore Rs127,000 Rs108,880 Rs99,810
Gold rate in Islamabad Rs127,000 Rs108,880 Rs99,810
Gold rate in Rawalpindi Rs127,000 Rs108,880 Rs99,810
Gold rate in Peshawar Rs127,000 Rs108,880 Rs99,810
Gold rate in Quetta Rs127,000 Rs108,880 Rs99,810
Gold rate in Multan Rs127,000 Rs108,880 Rs99,810


Gold 24K per 10 Grams Rs. 108,882
Gold 24K per Tola Rs. 127,000
Gold 22K per 10 Grams Rs. 99,809
Gold 22K per Tola Rs. 116,417
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