Federal and provincial officials meeting on Services Taxes Conflict

Islamabad(Thursday, December 17, 2015): Federal government Internet services between the federation and the provinces to eliminate the GST on services, including the lack of notification of the General Sales Tax dispute resolution has called for a high level meeting on Thursday. 

 Services Taxes Conflict a Meeting of Federal and provincial officials 

According to the documents available to the FBR headquarters at 11 am Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Punjab Revenue Authority (PR O), Sindh Revenue Board (RB-S) and KP Revenue Authority (PR O) will be attended by heads of other relevant authorities. 2016 Federal and provincial officials meeting on Services Taxes Conflict

The meeting between the federation and the provinces of GST on services to negotiate a memorandum of understanding (MOU) process to remove the obstacles will be discussed. The unrest has been in the telecom companies because telecom companies are not charged tax on Internet services to consumers and provincial revenue authorities by the telecom companies, Internet services if the sales tax was demanded In the case of telecom companies will be hard hit.

The Sindh Revenue Board, PR, O, O of the PR and the Federal Board of Revenue General Sales Tax on Services signed a MOU for adjustment difficulties in the implementation of the mechanism devised to remove will be. Revenue authorities, the provincial agricultural income in the tax returns of taxpayers to disclose information about the property tax increase proposal will be reviewed, the provincial tax laws and state property Rate (DC rate), while raising other issues that will be considered at the meeting to save taxpayers from double taxation of provincial taxes aaydkrdh federal tax on the services to be taken on the issue.

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