Thursday , March 23 2023

FBR Team In Switzer Land To Find Illegal Money Arrangements

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Team is going to Switzer Land To Find all Illegal Money Arrangements Of Pakistani’s peoples. Whole putting money in Swiss banks current Pakistanis the Federal Board of Revenue to contract negotiations with the team for Swiss tax authorities has Switzer Land.

Federal Board of Revenue

Pakistani tax authorities under the sweater Pakistanis in Ireland’s banks will be able to obtain a wealth of information about the Swiss tax authorities in Pakistan Swiss bank accounts will be able to learn about.

Being a member of the Swiss Development Cooperation with mmbrmmalk money lying in Swiss bank accounts in fictitious names correct information shared and the OECD recommends (Return of Illicit Asset act) under which countries with Switzerland introduced kruayajs double taxation agreements and contracts, including exchange of information clause.

Residents of the respective countries, the provision of information about Swiss bank accounts of a decision made under the UK and other countries have been called out by the Swiss banks are the banks and other efforts.

Sources told Pakistan the avoidance of double taxation agreement with Switzerland has amended whereby krnykafyslh between Switzerland and Pakistan signed a double taxation treaty (Treaty) modify both taxpayers and their bank ۔

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